Camelot .NET Connector 1.1 released!

We are proud to announce that Camelot .NET Connector version 1.1 has now been released. This version brings full support for working with document libraries along with a number of minor bug fixes and other improvements!

If you are not already a registered user, please register yourself/your company today to try out the most powerful and flexible ADO.NET connector available for Microsoft SharePoint. Please visit for more information about the Camelot .NET Connector and why you should use it!


Version 1.1 is fully backward compatible with its previous version and there is no need to upgrade/recompile any of your existing applications built on version 1.0. Just install the new version and you are ready to go!

Upgrade is free for all our users! The new version can be downloaded from our customer portal at If you have forgotten your password, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you.

Key features

Working with document libraries

The main feature of this release is full support for document libraries! This version provides an impressive set of new commands for working with document libraries. By introducing the concept of SQL procedure calls in the Camelot .NET Connector vocabulary you can now:

  • MOVE
  • COPY
  • and CREATE

documents and folders in SharePoint using standard SQL syntax. Integrating with SharePoint document libraries have never been easier!

Example: to upload binary content, such as a png image:

Dim sql As String = "CALL UPLOAD('Shared Documents', 'Images/Logos/bendsoft.png', @doc)"

Dim data As Byte() = IO.File.ReadAllBytes("C:bendsoft.png")
Dim cmd As New SharePointCommand(sql, myOpenConnection)
cmd.Parameters.Add("@doc", data)


Example: to download binary content:

Dim sql As String = "CALL DOWNLOAD('Shared Documents', 'Textfiles/helloworld.txt')"
Dim cmd As New SharePointCommand(sql, myOpenConnection)

Dim ret As Object = cmd.ExecuteScalar()
If Not ret Is Nothing Then
    IO.File.WriteAllBytes("c:helloworld.txt", DirectCast(ret, Byte()))
End If

Example: to create a simple text file named helloworld.txt:

CALL UPLOAD('Shared Documents', 'Textfiles/helloworld.txt',
'This is a small text file...');

Example: to move the folder Images from document library Shared Documents to library New Shared Documents:

CALL MOVE('Shared Documents', 'Images', 'New Shared Documents', 'Images');

Example: to create subfolder Logos under folder Images:

CALL CREATEFOLDER('Shared Documents', 'Images/Logos');

Example: to rename the file helloworld.txt to helloworld_old.txt:

CALL RENAME('Shared Documents', 'helloworld.txt', 'helloworld_old.txt');

Example: to check-out the file helloworld.txt :

CALL CHECKOUT('Shared Documents', 'helloworld.txt', true);

See the procedures section of the documentation for more great examples!

Secure connections

The Camelot .NET Connector now has full support for secure connections over SSL (HTTPS), configurable to accept untrusted certificates (self signed) when required.

Example: turning on SSL via the connection string.


Switch between sites

You now have the ability to change site in an already open SharePointConnection via the USE <sitename> command. This simplifies many integration tasks, allowing an open connection to be used between different sites.

Example: to switch to the subsite named ‘Customers‘ under ‘Sales‘:

USE `Sales/Customers`;

New options and functions

The new version also brings several new connection string options and functions such as the ExpandUserFields and NoListFilters options, the NOW() and TODAY() DateTime functions and the USERID() User/UserMulti function.

What’s coming next?

We always strive to become better than we are by providing the most efficient and strategically most valuable solution for our customers and partners. Therefore, your opinion is our most important resource! Your comments and real-life experience will decide what will be the highlight in the next release of the Camelot .NET Connector!

Meanwhile, we are just about to release a great open source toolkit named Camelot SharePoint Integration Toolkit that will consist of various products and libraries for simplier SharePoint integration! So don’t miss this one!

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