Introducing Camelot PHP Tools 1.5

This release fixes a few minor errors in the previous release and introduces two new commands that we made available in the latest release of the Camelot SharePoint Integration Toolkit available at We always keep the documentation up to date, checkout for the latest version of the PHP Tools documentation.

The goodies in this update

  • ExecuteCount
  • ExecuteCamelotXmlLimit

View the changelog for complete details.


The counting method is reached through the SharePointQuery class by replacing the SQL argument name with count

$SharePointQuery = new SharePointQuery(array(
    'count' => "SELECT ID FROM Tasks Where ID > 10",
    'connection_name' => 'SharePointConnection1'
$recordCount = $SharePointQuery->CamelotSoap->_count;

Limits, or skip and take

The SharePoint API does not support offset in limit commands so we had to implement this in a separate method. This query looks like an ordinary SharePointQuery but we added skip and take parameters.

$SharePointQuery = new SharePointQuery(array(
    'sql' => "SELECT * FROM Tasks Where ID > 10",
    'connection_name' => "SharePointConnection1",
    'skip' => 7,
    'take' => 10

The above command would select stuff from the Tasks list and skip the first 7 result rows returning row 8 to 17.

A good way to use this is to first run a count to verify the amount of records available and then run the skip/take query

// Query arguments
$query = "SELECT * FROM Tasks Where ID > 10";
$connection = "SharePointConnection1";
$skip = 5;
$take = 4;

// Get the total amount of records
$CountQuery = new SharePointQuery(array(
    'count' => $query,
    'connection_name' => $connection

$recordCount = $CountQuery->CamelotSoap->_count;

// Cannot perform query, to many skips
if($skip > $recordCount){
    die("You cannot skip more records than available");

// The results are returned to the $SharePointQuery variable
$SharePointQuery = new SharePointQuery(array(
    'sql' => $query,
    'connection_name' => $connection,
    'skip' => $skip,
    'take' => $take

// Print the result
pr($SharePointQuery); // or print_r($SharePointQuery);

Let us know if you have any questions; also consider using the forums

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  1. Lanzkie says:

    Sorry for the noob question but where, exctaly, should I add this code? Which css should be modified?I’ve never modified a CSS before, so any links you could provide would be much appreciated.Thanks for the great write up on this problem.

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