MiniSqlQuery with SharePoint Connector 3.0

Recently I discovered a really nice open source project called Mini SQL Query on CodePlex.  It is a simple, yet quite powerful tool for querying databases via standard ADO.NET drivers, such as with the Camelot .NET Connector 3.0. So first of all, thanks to the authors of this tool!

Mini SQL Query is perfect for all of you who are developing SharePoint apps with the Connector and need verify your SQL’s before getting into it. It is also a great tool for SharePoint administrators and others that work with SharePoint on a daily basis. Tested with SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 as well as Office 365.


To get started, simply download Mini SQL Query and launch the application. Register your SharePoint connection under connection strings, Edit -> Edit Connection Strings. You can add as many connections as you like.

Then, in the main interface, select your connection string. The left sidebar automatically shows all lists and document libraries on the site. Now you can type any SQL in the query window and see the results! It’s enough to get any SharePoint developer excited!

Happy Query Browsing!

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