A glimpse of Camelot PHP Tools 2.0

Ever since we silently released the Camelot PHP Tools on Codeplex (http://camelotphptools.codeplex.com/) a few days ago we have been working on the upcoming release 2.0 and will so continue to do until everything is implemented as supposed.

What’s new

Major fixes and addons

  • PHP 5.4 strict mode support
  • Lots of new helper classes for standard lists of SharePoint, like the Tasklist and the Calendar. This will enable management of the default list types directly from PHP
  • New procedure class supporting all stored procedures and any overloads they many have, the procedures includes
  • New and configurable exception handling

Minor changes

  • Set document library to preload in the document library helper class
  • New method to store download files in a variable
  • and loads more, check the changelog!

Deprecated functions and classes

  • CamelotUploadFile, functionality moved into the new procedure call
  • CamelotDownloadFile, functionality moved into the new procedure call
  • Append in WcfSettingsList, use appendSettings instead


The roadmap is still open and any good ideas still have a chance to be implemented, contact us at phptools@bendsoft.com or comment this post.

Download beta releases

As soon as we reach a new beta status we will commit the changes to Codeplex and they will be available for public download. To keep track on this check our twitter flow or follow us on Codeplex. The sourcecode is posted at http://camelotphptools.codeplex.com/SourceControl/BrowseLatest

/PHP Tools dev team

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