What’s new in Camelot .NET Connector 3.5?

The Camelot .NET Connector 3.5 has been released in October 2013. Version 3.0 was a great step up when it introduced Office 365 support, aggregated functions, NHibernate support and much more. We resist being any worse with the new release. Here are some of the highlights!


As with every release, we always work hard to improve the performance of the Connector. You will probably see performance improvements in some use cases, in particular on the first query in your application. The new UseDefaultProxy option allows you to modify how the Connector works with your default proxy settings in Windows. Please check this option if you are behind a proxy server and experience any connection issues.

Update ReadOnly columns

Ability to modify ReadOnly fields in SharePoint! Yes, it is now possible to update columns like “Modified” and “Created” through the Camelot .NET Connector. Usually, this is not possible because SharePoint will not allow it. The Connector has solved this problem with two new procedures called SETREADWRITE and SETREADONLY. This is really useful in backup/restore scenarios and similar.

Fetch all versions of list items

Ability to fetch all versions of list items in a list when versioning is enabled. Versioning in SharePoint can be a bit tricky to work with from an integration perspective. The new GETCOLUMNVERSIONS procedure solves this. Through this procedure you may select one or more columns in a statement and receive all versions of an item in the list. You can now show much more details in your external applications!

Greate new lists

The new CREATELISTFROMTEMPLATE procedure makes it possible to create new lists on a site!


Many of you have been asking for a SHOW DATABASES command. Now it’s here! There are obviously a lot of use cases for this.


Now it’s possible to join multiple INSERT statements to one single statement. This may give a significant performance boost in batch scenarios because only one round trip is required to insert all values. Simply add all values to your INSERT statement (as you would with any other SQL database):

INSERT INTO mytable (a, b, c) VALUES (‘v1′, ‘v2′, ‘v3′), (‘v4′, ‘v5′, ‘v6′), ..

Simple license file management

In version 3.5, license files can be provided directly by the application to the Connector. In previous versions, the license file was read from the default installation path. The new methods open up a lot of interesting possibilities, such as bundling license files with your application. It is very useful for all of you who are developing redistributable software. Read more about how to do this here.

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