Company Information

Bendsoft is a vendor of facilitating software products and components. Our motto is very simple – to build high quality products used to simplify complicated development processes and reduce the need for specialised competence in a world previously restricted to those possessing huge amounts of funds.

Main products

The Camelot Family

Camelot is a product family that contains commercial products as well as open source components for the open market. It provides versatile components for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) and Windows SharePoint Service (WSS) that allows developers and SharePoint administrators to easily build and publish applications that integrate with SharePoint.

Camelot .NET Connector for SharePoint

This is the current highlight of the Camelot Family. Camelot .NET Connector for SharePoint is an ADO.NET driver for Microsoft SharePoint enabling developers to build tools and integrations from and to SharePoint with common SQL language.


We strive to give people an eye-opening experience and enable them to do things they didn’t think were possible. As professional developers and digital craftsmen, we would never release a tool we couldn’t be proud of.

Visit our main web site at http://www.bendsoft.com

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