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A glimpse of Camelot PHP Tools 2.0

Ever since we silently released the Camelot PHP Tools on Codeplex ( a few days ago we have been working on the upcoming release 2.0 and will so continue to do until everything is implemented as supposed. What’s new Major … Continue reading

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CamelotSql – the SharePoint SQL Command-Line Tool

Bendsoft has now bundled a new tool called CamelotSql with the Camelot .NET Connector. CamelotSql is a simple, yet quite powerful command line tool for executing SQL statements into SharePoint 2007 through 2013 including Office 365. It is bundled with … Continue reading

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Introduction to COM+ in Camelot .NET Connector 2

The Camelot .NET Connector version 2 comes with COM+ support out of the box. This extends the Connector to be used in a large range of applications running on windows, including VB Script, ASP Classic and PHP for IIS. In … Continue reading

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Joomla Tools 2.5 for SharePoint Released, now with NTLM support

We implemented NTLM support with personal or global (static) authentication. This provide safer integrations and personalized content from SharePoint. Ensure that you use the latest version of the Camelot SharePoint Integration Toolkit when using this version of Joomla Tools. Using … Continue reading

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Downloading SharePoint Attachments with PHP, a snippet

To use this code, please download the latest version of Camelot PHP Tools and the Camelot SharePoint Integration Toolkit We have gotten a few questions how to download attachments from SharePoint List Items using Camelot PHP Tools. Originally we planned to … Continue reading

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Bendsoft announces Camelot .NET Connector 2.0 in May 2012!

Nyköping, Sweden, Jan 26, 2012 Bendsoft Corporation announced today that it will release version 2.0 of its core software product for accessing data in Microsoft SharePoint, the Camelot .NET Connector, in May of 2012. The Camelot .NET Connector 2.0 will … Continue reading

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Camelot PHP Tools 1.4 for SharePoint released, now supporting NTLM Authentication!

When the latest version of the Camelot PHP Tools is paired with the Camelot SharePoint Integration Toolkit version 2.0.2 or newer it has full support for NTLM authentication. Either static or personal credentials can be used. Read more about this … Continue reading

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New syntax in PHP Tools 1.3 Connections

Since we simplified the connection handling in PHP Tools 1.3 and store all connections in the settings file we have also changed the connection syntax for PHP Tools. The connection settings are now stored in the WcfSettingsObject object set up in … Continue reading

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Quick look at the upcoming update of Camelot Joomla Tools for SharePoint

It’s nearly a year ago since we released the last version of the Joomla Tools for SharePoint, our apologies. We have however focused a bit on enabling possibilities like direct transmit of data from SharePoint to the PHP world, including … Continue reading

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Programmatically download a SharePoint document library in .NET

In this post I will show you a simple, but yet very useful piece of code that downloads an entire SharePoint document library to local disk drive. Many of our customers need to export and publish SharePoint documents externally, sometimes … Continue reading

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